Saturday, March 28, 2015

Spring is Here

A burst of birdsong fills the air.

At first the melody is tentative, than sure, promising gentle days to come, much as a glass of ice-cold beer slakes a thirst on a torrid summer's day.

Soon, other birds begin to warble, chorusing a paean of praise to spring.

Winter has gone. As she slunk off, her narrow face pinched in a frigid scowl, her icy hands were still clutching at us, but her grasp was getting weaker.

Spring is shy. I know she's back, there are signs: It's slowly getting warmer; workmen outside are trading good-natured insults; a chainsaw is growling as dead branches are being cut down; children playing hopscotch squeal and laugh out on the sidewalk.

In flower beds here and there, crocuses are peering up after their long sleep, and a neighbor's dog barks furiously at an oblivious squirrel digging for long-buried nuts.

The days are growing longer, and the aroma of hamburgers sizzling on a grill floats on the breeze. A sense of expectation fills the air.

Spring is here.

1 comment:

  1. Coming from a country that's warmer in winter (and colder in summer) I am soooo glad this winters over. Yes, spring is here! It's here... it's here. I just love this time of year.