Thursday, September 10, 2015

Welcome to the Club

Date: Sometime
To: I can't quite remember
Subject: The AADD Club (I think)

Welcome to the Aged Attention Deficit Disorder Club (AADDC)! You've recently become a member of a very exclusive organization, one whose multitudinous members are unforgettable (although sometimes, they can't quite remember why).

Here's some good news (pay attention!): There are no dues, membership is for life, and there are no secret handshakes or code words (you might not remember them).

But you'll easily recognize fellow members; they're folks who are lost in thought, trying to remember why they walked into the kitchen, or where their glasses are.

There's one big benefit (stay with me!): The club never discriminates based on race, sex, or religion (it's a waste of time, trying to remember stereotypes).

I really enjoy the club (although I sometimes forget why). Maybe I'll write down the reasons while I'm thinking about them.

Now, let's see, where did I leave that pen?

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